Data Collection Sheets

ABC Data Collection Sheet Template

      The ABC Data Collection Sheet is an observational tool that allows us to record information about a 
      particular behavior. The aim of using an ABC chart is to better understand why the behavior is occurring.
It is the only tool that helps us identify the function of the behavior. Behavior Intervention Plans are
      developed based on the function, or the "why", of a behavior.

      Click here if you would like to practice collecting ABC data.

ABC Data Collection Sheet Instructions

Scatterplot Data Sheet

     The Scatterplot Data sheet can help to identify the patterns of behavior throughout the day as well as
      how often the behavior is occurring. Unlike the ABC Data Collection Sheet, a Scatterplot will not help you
      to identify the function of the behavior.

Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS)

       The Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS) is a questionnaire designed to identify situations during which an  
        individual is likely to behave in certain ways. From this information, more
informed decisions can be made
        concerning the development of a Behavior Intervention Plan.

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