Wellness Ambassadors to Voice and Empower

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The Wellness Ambassadors to Voice & Empower (WAVE) Program uses an approach of positive youth development, youth-driven leadership, and positive peer support to promote resiliency and protective factors while preventing substance use, bullying, and suicide among young people.  

At middle and high schools, the Office of Student Wellness supports the Wellness Ambassadors to Voice & Empower Program (WAVE) (formerly known as Student Wellness Action Team (SWAT)). With the help of a faculty sponsor, students interested in promoting wellness, including prevention, are invited to participate in this youth leadership opportunity. 

WAVE has been operated by the Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS) since 2000. Originally formed as “SQUADS”, the WAVE program (since 2005) was originally focused on smoking cessation. Over the years, the program has evolved to focus on additional issues. At the moment, WAVE focuses on multiple prevention topics, including, but not limited to:  suicide prevention & peer-to-peer helping, substance use prevention, bullying prevention, and most recently, gun violence prevention. 

Check out the WAVE website for more information! www.wavesantafe.com