Public Participation

Public participation at Board meetings is welcome. Community members may sign up to speak to the Board during its regular meetings under the time allotted for public forum. Community members may sign up prior to the Board meeting to speak about items on the agenda.

Public Forum

In an effort to expand opportunities for community members to leave public comment, SFPS offers the following options:


  • Community members may email their comments for the Board of Education meeting to

  • Each comment will be read by a SFPS staff member.

  • All public comment rules will be followed (see Ground Rules below)

Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education Public Forum Ground Rules

1. Please listen and speak with respect. No uncivil conduct will be permitted.

2. Please do not discuss any specific student who is not your own.

3. No sharing of time.

4. Self-monitor and observe the three-minute time limit.

5. You will be given a 30 second warning when your time is almost up.

6. Public commentary and dialogue is allowed only during the Public Forum, not throughout the meeting.

7. Please search for answers on common ground.

8. You may speak on any topic, whether it is on the agenda or not. Your input will be taken into consideration.

9. Please be advised that the Board may discuss your issue during the meeting, but by law the Board cannot take action on items that are not on the agenda.