Santa Fe Public Schools Early Childhood Program

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PreK Lottery for School Year 2024-2025


2023-24 (Current Year) Application

SFPS offers free services to 3 and 4-year-old children.

  • Half-day programs for 3Y and mixed-age children at Nye Early Childhood Center. These services are offered Monday-Thursday.

  • Full-day programs for 4Y children in 15 different school sites. The PreK program follows the elementary bell schedule with classes Monday- Friday and early release on Fridays.

In our Early Childhood program, children learn through play. We provide an inviting learning environment that allows children to learn through self-guided exploration. All our classrooms are inclusive, and we offer developmentally appropriate, teacher-supported activities that encourage independence, self-control, creativity, and critical thinking.

Early Preschool (3 Y Program)

  • Children must be three years old on or before August 31st of the upcoming school year

    • Students born from 9/1/2019 to 8/31/2020 are eligible for the 3Y half-day programs.

  • Half-day program, Monday- Thursday with the option of AM and PM

  • Services offered at Nye Early Childhood Center

Preschool (4 Y program)

  • Children must be four years old on or before August 31st of the upcoming school year.

    • Students born from 9/1/2018 to 8/31/2019 are eligible for 4Y programs.

  • Full-day program; Monday - Friday with early release on Fridays.

  • Services offered at :

    • Amy Biehl

    • Atalaya

    • Aspen

    • Cesar Chavez

    • EJ Martinez

    • El Camino Real

    • El Dorado Community School

    • Kearny

    • Nava

    • Nina Otero

    • Nye EC Center

    • Pinon

    • Ramirez Thomas

    • Salazar

    • Sweeney

EJ Invitations

Early PreK and PreK Calendar

SFPS follows the District's school calendar with few exceptions. Please refer to the PreK calendar for detailed information.

Family Handbook

Refer to the Early Childhood Family Handbook for more information on policies and procedures.

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What you need to know

  • All families interested in a preschool program will submit an online Preschool Application.  

  • To be eligible, children must meet the program's age criteria on or before August 31st of the upcoming school year.

  • All our sites have a maximum enrollment; thus, completing an application does not guarantee enrollment. Seats are offered based on a lottery; children applying to their school zone during the lottery window will get priority. 

  • The application window is from December 1st, 2023 to February 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. 

  • All applications submitted during this window will be part of the Preschool Student Lottery that will take place on February 28, 2024, and results will be emailed to all applicants. Please check your spam folder. If you have questions or haven't received an email, please get in touch with the Data Dept. at (505) 467-4111 or email them at

  • Applications received after 11:59 p.m. on February 15, 2024 will be placed on a waitlist in the order they are received.

  • Transportation is available to children attending Pre-K in their neighborhood school zone. Families must transport their children to PreK classes, if not in their neighborhood schools.





How to Apply

1. Fill out an application (link to the right for current school year). A confirmation number will be sent to you. Parent(s)/guardians may select two schools within the Preschool Application form. If there are two distinct classrooms (e.g. bilingual and English only) in one school site, families may apply for the specific program of their choice. If a second Preschool Application form is submitted, the first one will be removed.

2. All applicants will receive an email after the lottery is run. This will be sent to the email address provided in the application. The email will contain a link to verify the status of the application. The parent must click on the link to see the lottery results.

If your child receives a seat, you will receive an email and will have to accept with in five (5) calendar days. You must provide a valid ID to accept your student's placement. If acceptance is not completed after the ten calendar days, you forfeit the seat. It is the family's responsibility to check your email, including SPAM folder.

3. After your acceptance , you will go to to complete online registration. You will submit a New Student Registration form.

4. To complete registration, you will then go to the assigned school to register your child. You will need stamped acceptance, birth certificate, valid parent or guardian's photo ID, up to date immunization record, two proofs of residency, and Tribal Membership documentation (if applicable).

**SFPS PreK program seats are contingent upon State funding

**Lottery results will be emailed to families. Please check the SPAM folder. If you have questions or need assistance, please call


PreK Lottery Frequently Ask Questions

If you have questions regarding lottery results please read the following Q&A. You can also call (505)467-4111 or email at

Frequently Ask Questions

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For more information

  • For half-day Early Preschool, contact Nye Early Childhood Center at (505) 467-4600

  • For more information about the Preschool program, please get in touch with Adriana Hirshey at (505)467-3064 or

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