COVID Dashboard

When there’s a positive case, SFPS’ COVID-19 response specialists, lead nurse or the school's nurse will identify any close contacts and call parents on the next steps. SFPS reviews each case individually to determine the most appropriate course of action. Classrooms are informed of positive cases. All personal identifying information will remain confidential and all reporting and cleaning protocols are being followed.

Need to get tested for COVID?

Visit the Curative webpage or visit the Technology location (2516 Cerrillos Road), Monday through Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM.

Legend: BF Young includes Curriculum & Instruction, Native American Student Services, Exceptional Student Services and Language & Culture. ESC includes Business Services, Human Resources and Equity, Diversity & Engagement. W Zia includes Operations, Facilities & Maintenance, Athletics and Sustainability.

Disclaimer: Cases will be added periodically throughout the day, and will only be added once all cases are investigated and close contacts have been notified. Our dashboard numbers only reflect cases that have been completed, thus numbers may be higher than shown. For more comprehensive statewide information, visit the NMDOH Dashboard.

Individuals who have had close contact with a COVID-19 infectious individual are no longer required to quarantine, however, may do so if they choose to. It is recommended that the individual get tested for COVID-19 five days after exposure and that they were a mask for 10 days following the exposure. The individual should isolate and test immediately if symptoms develop.

Any parent/guardian of a student testing positive for COVID-19 must provide a list of close contacts to DOH and SFPS’ lead school nurse or the COVID-19 response specialist who assists with contact tracing.