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bryan cruz

"Teaching a first grade bilingual class at SFPS is not just imparting knowledge, it is about fostering curiosity, diversity and nurturing a love of learning in two languages spoken. Together, we embark on a journey where every word, in any language, becomes a stepping stone towards a brighter future." - Bryan Cruz, bilingual first grade teacher

Bryan Cruz  

"I have been a teacher for many years both in Boston and Santa Fe. For the past ten years I have taught at Salazar Elementary as the art teacher. This is my dream job: bringing my love for the arts to children. I have the privilege of working with a beautiful community of students by inspiring, challenging and teaching them about the visual arts. I believe that wherever my students' paths take them, they have a foundation that can become a career path, a relaxing hobby, and even a mindset for the rest of their lives. I teach my students that artists are creative problems solvers and that applies to everything they do." -Anna Gibson, Salazar Elementary art teacher

Bryan Cruz  

anna gibson

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jay clack

"The Santa Fe community is so respectful to our teachers, and is genuinely interested in helping us enrich our students’ time in the classroom. For instance, the community provides us with free professional development opportunities in many forms via the Santa Fe Opera, multiple museums, St. John’s College, Santa Fe Community College, the EE Ford Teacher Colloquial at Santa Fe Prep, Santa Fe’s many festivals, and a variety of environmental organizations." - Jay Clack, Capital High School AP English/Creative Writing teacher

Jay Clack, Capital High School AP English/Creative Writing teacher  

Why you should make Santa Fe your home

Santa Fe's reputation is anchored in its breathtaking natural scenery, highlighted by the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains framing the city. Its climate ensures abundant sunshine year-round, offering an inviting playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

Culturally vibrant, Santa Fe embraces a tapestry of influences, blending Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo traditions into its rich historical fabric. Museums, galleries, and cultural festivities abound, celebrating this diverse heritage and honoring the community's contributions.

Renowned for its flourishing arts scene, Santa Fe beckons creatives from across the globe. Its plethora of art galleries, studios, and theaters, alongside the iconic Santa Fe Opera, serve as magnets for artists, writers, and musicians seeking inspiration and expression.

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