Education Technology Note 2019

Thank you Santa Fe County Voters for supporting the ETN election - our students are the winners!

Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS) thanks the community for supporting our schools by overwhelmingly approving the 2019 Santa Fe Public Schools Education Technology Note (ETN). This will allow us to continue to prepare students with the tools they need to compete for college and careers in a modern world.

This election was unique because it was the first ever mail-in election in Santa Fe. Dr. Veronica C. Garcia, superintendent of schools, stated, “Although this bond was approved by the voters of Santa Fe, the data we collected from this election demonstrates the need for better communication with the community about this type of election and how the funds are used to prepare students for their future. Therefore, I have created an SFPS Elections Steering Committee to engage the community in matters around building stronger Santa Fe Public Schools by better communicating with the public about this type of election and how the funds are utilized to provide more transparency and awareness of the use of these funds.”

The SFPS Elections Steering Committee will be led by community leader Carl Luff; this committee will also provide input as we implement the work.

 The Superintendent added, “This victory was truly a team effort and I am very grateful to the voters of Santa Fe County for their support. Now we will be able to refresh equipment, continue critical positions that support digital learning, fund computer science initiatives, provide training and resources to keep teachers current on teaching and learning and maintain broken devices and network problems. In the end, our students are the real winners as they will have the opportunity to be educated utilizing a digital learning approach.”

Click to listen to a podcast with Superintendent Dr. Veronica C. Garcia as she reacts to the mail-in Education Technology Note election with Richard Eeds on KTRC Radio. Click to listen to a podcast with Superintendent Dr. Veronica C. Garcia as she reacts to the mail-in Education Technology Note election with Richard Eeds on KTRC Radio. 
                                                     Eeds Show   

Students 21st century college and career preparation is at the heart of the Education Technology Note (ETN) mail-in ballot, with nearly half of funding dedicated to providing computer and technology access for all SFPS learners.  

The ETN renews $11 million per year, for the next 5 years, in funding for the Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS) and Santa Fe County’s charter schools:

- 45% funds high-quality learning devices for all students

- 17% provides teachers with cutting-edge professional development and training

- 15% refreshes technology so that it’s the best it can be

- 13 percent ensures that our digital learning coaches, who are technology specialists, integrate technology in all schools

- 10% funds technical support

The best gauge of the ETN’s success is our students: 86 percent of SFPS students, whose opinion is continuously sought, say that they are better prepared for college and careers because of access to technology at school.  We commit to solid stewardship and transparency in the use of your tax dollars, and we thank you in advance for your participation in this critical election.

For information on how SFPS has spent ETN election funds in the past click 2014-19 ETN Financial Plan

This election is a renewal of an existing tax and will NOT increase your taxes over current levels.

For information on the most recent tax rate table click ETN Tax table.

If you have not received your ETN ballot in the mail, please contact the Santa Fe County Clerk's office at 505-986-6280.

If you have further questions please call our ETN Hotline at 670-1290.


                    What is the Education Technology Note? How does it affect the Santa Fe Public Schools? 

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                   Click to listen to the podcast with Superintendent Dr. Veronica C. Garcia and Richard Eeds

                          Learn more about Santa Fe Public Schools Education Technology Note

This is Santa Fe's FIRST EVER Mail-In Vote.

Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters on Feb 5.

Please return your ballots early. We recommend getting it in the mail by Feb 28.

Ballots are due in the Santa Fe County Clerk's Office on March 5 (by 7pm) and can be delivered to the Santa Fe County Clerk's Office.

The 2019 Ed Tech Note (ETN) uses tax dollars to fund District technology initiatives for all public schools, including charters.

The ETN supports computer literacy for all students.

Taxes will NOT increase. This is just a renewal of the 2016 ETN.

ALL SFPS 7th - 12th grade students are provided a take-home laptop to enhance learning.

86% of SFPS students feel their classroom technology has prepared them better for their future.

Santa Fe was designated a TechHire region (2016) and joined a national cohort of cities mobilizing the Tech economy.

Without ETN funding, SFPS and the charters will lose $11 million dollars per year; students will lose valuable classroom services; and educational staff positions will be in jeopardy.

For more information about the election, go to.... Santa Fe County Clerk's Office

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