Bilingual Education Services


Santa Fe High School and El Camino Real Academy were recognized for their high-quality bilingual programs. 


ECRA Bilingual Recognition

El Camino Real is the only Dual Language Focus School in the Santa Fe Public School District.
El Camino Real Academy is a K - 8 school, built in 2013, and was formerly known as Agua Fria
Elementary. Agua Fria began the dual language program in 2006 and with teacher, parent, and
community support, evolved into what El Camino Real Academy is today. For the past 5 years,
El Camino Real Academy has been phasing out the English-only strand and will be completely
dual language school wide in the 2020 - 2021 school year. El Camino Real Academy provides
an 80/20 dual language immersion program beginning in Kindergarten and is 50/50 in 3rd
Grade - 8th Grade. El Camino Real Academy has successfully developed and continues to
provide a high-quality bilingual education program while nurturing the families and community it
El Camino Real Academy has achieved International Spanish Academy status, making them
one of two International Spanish Academies in the Southwest. With this status, El Camino Real
Academy will have awarded approximately 50 DELE Diplomas bringing them one step closer to
achieving the State Seal of Bilingualism and Biliteracy. This distinction has promoted the
students’ academic proficiency in all core content subjects and highlights the language
achievements of the El Camino Real Academy students.
El Camino Real Academy families love the school culture and are happy to send their children
to such a culturally and linguistically responsive school. The students of El Camino Real feel
safe from unfair criticism and can freely express who they are and express their views and
opinions in a culturally inclusive environment of mutual respect. El Camino Real Academy
models outstanding systems of serving the academic, linguistic, cultural, and socio/emotional
needs of the child, the family, and the community.


SFHS Bilingual Recognition

Santa Fe High School (SFHS) is the largest high school in the Santa Fe Public School District,
serving approximately 1600 students. SFHS has developed a professional and highly-qualified
bilingual program dedicated to serve its bilingual students and newcomer community. SFHS is
serving over 200 students in its bilingual program and has integrated bilingual core classes into
its curriculum. The students are enrolled in an array of bilingual courses: Spanish Language
Arts, AP Spanish courses, Bilingual Biology, Bilingual Algebra I, Bilingual Applied Math, and/or
Bilingual Algebra II. These students are enrolled in other courses, such as Honors and
Advanced Placement. They participate in extra-curricular activities such as Bilingual Club,
Senior Mentorship Programs, Student Government, AVID, and Sports.
The Bilingual program at SFHS is better preparing students to receive the Seal of Bilingualism -
Biliteracy. These students value the importance of speaking more than one language and the
importance of preserving their language skills, whether it be through a Bilingual Program or
working with family and teachers to show the community their multiple language capabilities.
Multicultural students and parents are becoming more and more involved in the Bilingual
Program and opportunities offered by the school.
The Bilingual Program’s students are excelling, receiving academic excellence awards, and
extracurricular awards. They excel in bilingual and monolingual courses, honor roll, and are
being accepted into four-year Universities with full ride scholarships in and out of New Mexico.
SFHS will continue to strengthen and expand the bilingual program to ensure all students are
given the opportunity to become bilingual and biliterate and to prepare them for the diverse
world in which they will lead.


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