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Volunteering In Santa Fe Public Schools
Volunteer working with student
In 2016-2017, we will be working on the following initiatives:

* We have a goal of going online with our volunteer process.  This is in effort to improve connections, register volunteers, scheduling, monitor consistency, and maintain an accurate database for security reasons.  

* Attendance and logging of hours at each school site.  You will be signing in on a specific volunteer sign-in sheet.  This will help us monitor consistent service which is needed to maintain background clearance.  It will also help us to acknowledge your amazing service.

* Placement of each volunteer at a site with a specific assignment based on the needs of the school.  We will keep in mind your skills and program requests in effort to make the best match for both the school and the volunteer.

* Partnership with the Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration (B2C) with the working group CONNECT.   One of the goals of CONNECT is to provide consistent training and workshops for volunteers. Additionally, this partnership will help us to connect more volunteers and mentors to students.  CONNECT will help us to meet our shared vision of child welfare, improved outcomes, and ultimately a healthier community.

Click on this link to link to the returning volunteer application or the new volunteer application.

Looking forward to an amazing year!  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Thank you for all that you do!

The purpose of the SFPS Volunteer Program is to provide support to the instructional program by capitalizing on the skills and interests of our volunteers.

Volunteers are truly an asset to our school district. Amongst other positive effects, volunteers increase the student / adult ratio and subsequently increase overall academic achievement.

Volunteers help do the following:

  • Enrich the curriculum
  • Provide individual assistance
  • Support learning
  • Provide additional opportunities
  • Offer assistance in meeting district goals
  • Increase communication with school communities
  • Bring community resources into schools
  • Establish school-community partnerships for quality education


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