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Mary Massey

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Candice Harrison 
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Cynthia Clarke
Zack Boatman 

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Cybele Leverett  

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Leah O'Shell  

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Stan Mascarenas 

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Carol Watson 

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Erika Barela

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Santa Fe High School

The Demon Tattler

Welcome to Demon Country!
Click on the Demon Tattler link above and get connected to our amazing student written, designed and published school newspaper.  

This week at Santa Fe High School:

This week is packed with fantastic activities!

You are invited to the second annual Santa Fe High School Dance Concert, this year entitled Is it a Race? There are ten pieces, eight choreographed by students and one by guest artist Melissa Briggs Bransford -- and SFHS students dance all ten pieces.

This year's pieces are choreographic reflections on race and self-definition; the students have been challenged to express their thoughts on this difficult topic in movement. There are several thought provoking and moving pieces.

The show is Thursday, Friday and Saturday, January 21-23 at the SFHS Theatre at 7:30pm. Tickets are available at and at the box office. The show is less than one hour.

We hope you'll join us in our efforts to support our school and our students. The SFHS dance program takes a major step forward and upward with this production. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our Varsity Girls Basketball team plays Cleveland High School on Friday night at 7pm in the Toby Roybal gym.  Come on over to the gym and support our girls.  It’s also a great way to encourage your child to attend the game; you can sit together and create school spirit that will help you and your child continue to develop school spirit in a fun and unique way.

Our Varsity Boys  Basketball team plays Albuquerque High School on Saturday at 7pm in the Toby Roybal gym. Come on over to the gym and support our boys.  It’s also a great way to encourage your child to attend the game; you can sit together and create school spirit that will help you and your child continue to develop school spirit  in a fun and unique way.

At Friday night’s girls basketball game we will be recognizing our January Athletes of the Month. This will take place at the end of the JV game (6:30 or so).  Our athletes are Tyra Borrego-Lopez – girls basketball and Bradley Moffett - swim team.  Our swimmer will be at a meet so just Tyra will be recognized. Please come to the game and support our athletes of the month!

Don’t forget the ETN vote on February 2.  Lets get out there and tell everyone we know to “Vote for the Note”.  This note will fund our technology expansion next year and is a critical component of the district technology plan.

We are moving forward with our scheduling and the next step is coding every teacher on campus.  

A Santa Fe High School Focus on:

Jackson Miller

Jackson is a senior at SFHS.  He had been here for four years and is actively involved in science club, which is his favorite.  Jackson is going to attend Stanford next year and is pretty excited that he will start orientation in September.

Jackson has taken many memorable classes at SFHS, but his favorite by far has been Forester’s IED class.  Jackson would like to use his education to pursue engineering and product design/material science in college.

When you see Jackson on campus, be sure to say hello and talk him up for a minute.  He is as interesting as he is funny and insightful and he loves to meet new people. 

Congratulations to Jackson Miller for being our first SFHS Focus student of the week!

Carlos Muller

Carlos joins us again after a memorable three year sabbatical in the organic grass-fed beef industry.  He also spent a year in Spain with his family so they could experience the wonders of full language immersion.

Carlos teaches welding, but has taught Spanish, Entrepreneurship, Investment Strategies and Business here at SFHS.

He is the father of 3 and is married to Bethany, and instructor at SFCC.  He middle son Che is a ninth grader here at SFHS and has transitioned quite well from Spain into the realm of high school.

Carlos is interested in starting a high school digital fabrication program that brings together disciplines such as art, business, engineering and science to better reach every student at our school.

Carlos is a barbeque enthusiast, self-proclaimed inventor of the PongFu Grip—a customized and personalized fitted grip for the ping pong paddle.

When you get a chance head on down to the welding lab and have a chat with Carlos.  He is engaging and would love the opportunity to share his classroom projects and his latest ideas. 

Congratulations to Carlos Muller for being our first SFHS Focus teacher of the week!

Zack Boatman

Zack was a teacher at SFHS for over a decade and is now in his second year as an administrator.  He taught for a year in Hungary as a Fulbright Scholar and though he didn’t learn any Hungarian, his wife Michelle and daughter Sky were speaking fluently when they returned to the US.

Zack has learned a lot since last year and, because his job is so different than his time in the classroom, he is constantly amazed at the creative and interesting teaching that is happening at SFHS.  Getting to see so many excellent teachers in so many incredible classes reminds him of how important every teacher is for our students. 

Zack is a glass-blower and not-so-good painter, has a decent golf-swing, has 450 board games at home and wishes he had more time to spend with his family.

If you get a chance to drop by his office in the BC, please do so.  Just knock on the door and stop in for a chinwag. Just make sure Morrison isn’t around when you ask Zack about fishing in Alaska or Space Camp.

Congratulations to Zack Boatman for being our first SFHS Focus administrator of the week!

Nora Solano

Nora has been our attendance clerk for four years. Nora retired from the state after 27 years and is happy to be back in a setting where she gets to see family and friends on a daily basis.

She graduated from Santa Fe High School last year (that may not be true, but she is holding the real year from us). Born and raised in Santa Fe she can’t imagine living anywhere else. Nora has 7 brothers and 6 sisters and a huge extended family.

Her favorite things to do are to hang out with her family, play softball and get out on the volleyball court.  She also likes to work out and go camping in the summer.

Nora’s office is in room 4 in the student services building and if you get a chance, pop in and rap with her for a while.  She enjoys getting to know everyone on campus.

Congratulations to Nora Solano for being our first SFHS Focus staff member of the week!

ETN Vote

The Education Technology Note, if passed, will benefit SFHS next school year in the form of improved internet connectivity, laptops and document cameras for every teacher, and professional training. Please remember to vote on February 2.  Early voting locations are at the Educational Services Center at 610 Alta Vista, or the SF County Clerk's office or our Nina Otero school site. 

Take the Pledge

I will be my very best and do my very best, each and every day.

This is the pledge I am asking not just freshmen but every single student on this campus to make. Here is how you as parents, guardians and community members can help our students do and be their best:

  • Encourage students to be kind to one another. We must have civility on our campus. If students experience any form of bullying, they need to report it to an adult immediately.
  • Do your part to make sure students come to school every day with a positive attitude ready to learn. SFHS posted an average student attendance rate last school year around 80%.  This is unacceptable. We need your help to get students to class and make sure they stay in class.
  • Every student walks around with a picture in his or her head of what is good enough. Each time he or she turns in a piece of work, they ask themselves if it meets their own standards. Help support students by looking at their assignments and asking them if is the best they can produce.
  • You as their parents and guardians can monitor Power School to check students’ grades often. Reach out to teachers early when there is a question on concern.

I challenge every one of us involved in education to help find ways to get inside students’ head to push them to turn up the knob that regulates their quality and effort.  Let’s take time this school year to explore ways to promote an ethic of excellence, which means higher standards for both student behavior and work.  Together, let’s encourage our students not just take the pledge, but live the pledge, each and every day.

Mrs. Mary Massey, lead principal