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Santa Fe High School
2100 Yucca Street
Santa Fe, NM  87505
505 467-2400

If you need directions to our school:

Principal: Carl Marano

Asst. Principal(s):  
Michael Granado
Candice Harrison 
Dolores Montano-Pena
Cynthia Clarke
Zack Boatman 

AVID Coordinator and Instructional Coach:
Cybele Leverett  

Dean of Students:
Stan Mascarenas 

Student Engagement and Success Advisor:
Carol Watson 

SFHS Registrar
Erika Barela

To Acccess an Email for our Staff:
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Santa Fe High School

Calling all incoming Santa Fe High School 9th graders!
Bridge to New Beginnings
Santa Fe High School will be hosting a week long 9th Grade Bridge Academy to help new students get acquainted with their new high school!

When: July 25 – 29, 2016 from 8:30 – 12:30
Where: Library
Please contact Annette Schepps to register in advance: 505-467-2400/2406

The Santa Fe High Administrative Team!

SFHS Administrative Team

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SFHS Yearbooks are now available 
Now Available, Santa Fe High School Yearbooks

Santa Fe High yearbooks — 200 pages of awesome!

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PE Waiver Change

This year we have made a policy change regarding the Physical Education credit at SFHS. The following is the text defining this policy change that will take place beginning in July 2016:

We were advised through our District administration that three seasons of team sports will no longer count for a waiver for a physical education credit, required for graduation. The team sports option is not supported under the State's Educational Code. As a result, this year's 2016 seniors can count 3 seasons of a team sport for Physical Education credit. This directive is only for the 2016 graduating class. Beginning with next year's graduating class of 2017, students must earn a physical education credit in to graduate as directed by the NM Educational Code. Only approved classes referenced in the educational code will count toward a high school educational credit.

All junior students who may have been exempt have been enrolled in a PE class for next year.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you,

The SFHS administrative team.

PE Renuncia cambiar este año hemos realizado un cambio de política en relación con el crédito de Educación Física en SFHS. El siguiente es el texto que define este cambio de política que se llevará a cabo a partir de julio 2016:
Nos aconsejaron a través de nuestra administración del distrito que tres estaciones de deportes de equipo ya no se tendrán en cuenta para una exención para un crédito de educación física, requerido para la graduación. La opción de los deportes de equipo no es compatible con Código de Educación del Estado. Como resultado, este año 2016 las personas mayores pueden contar con 3 estaciones de un deporte de equipo para el crédito de educación física. Esta directiva es sólo para la clase que se graduó en 2016. A partir de la clase que se graduó del próximo año de 2017, los estudiantes deben obtener un crédito de educación física en graduarse como lo indica el Código Educativo NM. Sólo aprobada clases referenciadas en el código de la educación tendrán en cuenta para un crédito educativo de la escuela secundaria.

Todos los estudiantes de secundaria que pueden haber estado exentos se han inscrito en una clase de educación física para el próximo año. Si tiene alguna duda, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros.


Take the Pledge

I will be my very best and do my very best, each and every day.

This is the pledge I am asking not just freshmen but every single student on this campus to make. Here is how you as parents, guardians and community members can help our students do and be their best:

  • Encourage students to be kind to one another. We must have civility on our campus. If students experience any form of bullying, they need to report it to an adult immediately.
  • Do your part to make sure students come to school every day with a positive attitude ready to learn. SFHS posted an average student attendance rate last school year around 80%. This is unacceptable. We need your help to get students to class and make sure they stay in class.
  • Every student walks around with a picture in his or her head of what is good enough. Each time he or she turns in a piece of work, they ask themselves if it meets their own standards. Help support students by looking at their assignments and asking them if is the best they can produce.
  • You as their parents and guardians can monitor Power School to check students’ grades often. Reach out to teachers early when there is a question on concern.