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School Counseling Intern Program
The goal of the Santa Fe Public Schools Counseling Program is to promote and facilitate both academic and social-emotional well-being for all students in our schools. Each school has a district employee on staff as a PED licensed school counselor or social worker. The counselor may choose to supervise a clinical intern working on a Master’s degree in the field of mental health if his or her schedule permits.

School Counseling Interns have additional commitments of time and activities as listed below. An application pamphlet for School Counseling Interns can be obtained from the Office of Student Wellness. The same guidelines apply for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, although the positions themselves differ.

School Counseling Interns will:
  • Work with students, parents, and teachers in both individual and small group settings under the guidance of their supervisor.
  • Participate in the delivery in classrooms of district prevention curricula.
  • Participate in School Wellness meetings, and Student Success Team meetings.
  • Participate in the assessment of student needs, the delivery of services, and the evaluation of the efficacy of services.
  • Learn to assess when a student’s needs require referral to community mental health agencies, as well as when further evaluation is needed within the school setting.
  • Participate in district sponsored professional development in the Comprehensive School Counseling model.

It is imperative that all school counseling interns be ready to make a commitment through the completion of the school year, regardless of when their internship begins.