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By State Law and Public Education Department mandate, all students must be up-to-date on their immunizations to register and attend public school.  An up-to-date immunization record or a current religious/medical exemption form (updated yearly) must be on file for each student. 

School Entry Immunization Requirements 2016-2017

If students are not current on their immunizations, it is preferred that they go to their own health provider and a record be provided to the school.  However, if your child has no health care provider or a family needs assistance in obtaining free vaccines, they can be provided at your school or through the Office of Student Wellness.  In this case, please complete and sign the following consent form and contact your school nurse or 467-2629 for more information.  

VFC School Vaccine Administration Form
VFC Escuela Vacuna Forma Administración
For information on religious or medical immunization exemptions, please see the Health Department link below and click on the downloadable form "Certificate of Exemption for School/Daycare Requirements."  Note:  Exemption forms must be submitted to your school every year.

New Mexico Department of Health Immunization Program

 School nurse administering a shot

NM Immunization Coalition

Santa Fe Public Schools will be offering flu vaccine to students during the months of October & November.  Due to the fact that FluMist is NOT being manufactured, ONLY FLU SHOTS will be offered to students this year.  Please contact your school nursing staff for specific dates.

English Consent Form
English Parent Letter

Spanish Consent Form
Spanish Parent Letter

Current Vaccine Information Statement   
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