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Santa Fe Public Schools leaders know that if parents and children feel their school is safe, this will strengthen the community and enhance student learning and achievement. This department is dedicated to providing a safe, secure and peaceful learning environment for our children and our staff.  We work with the school community and public safety providers to develop individual plans for each site to assure safety concerns are addressed, and prevention plans are in place.

The Department of Safety and Security has three main purposes:
  • Protect and preserve the school learning environment
  • Have systems in place to deter potentially harmful situations
  • Prepare staff and students to effectively respond to emergencies.

We welcome the involvement of parents, business leasers and community members who wish to help provide for a safe learning environment.  See the tab below on School Safety Teams to get involved.

Emergency Management

The SFPS Incident Response Team is a group of SFPS Staff members at each school site who prepare for, and respond to, any emergency incident, such as a natural disaster or anything that can interrupt normal school day operations. This team is composed of specific staff members designated and trained before an incident occurs, in incident response according to SFPS policies and emergency response best practices. This is overseen by the SFPS District Safety Committee and the office of the Emergency Management Specialist.

Lessons learned in the response to emergencies nationwide have taught that a MANAGED RESPONSE to an incident has a far greater expectation of a more positive outcome than one that is handled spontaneously when it arises. Incident Response Team members are trained and prepared to fulfill the roles required by the Incident Command System used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, and first responder agencies throughout the nation. Incident Response Teams are chosen by the School Site Principal and provided with training by the SFPS Emergency Management Specialist. The use of the Incident Command System and Incident Response Teams help SFPS prepare ahead for any incident that can arise during a normal, ordinary school day.

The Emergency Management Specialist works to provide a safe working environment for district personnel, students, and visitors by assuring compliance with all Federal, State and Municipal mandates with regards to Incident Response and Management using the National Incident Management and Incident Command Systems. Working with the SFPS General Services Department and as part of the SFPS Safety & Security Department, the SFPS EMS over sees the training of district personnel and helps to identify and mitigate potential safety hazards to our school communities and facilities.


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Site Security

There are three main elements of campus security.

  1. Security Guard at CHSSingle point of entry. ALL visitors MUST sign in at each school. Visitors are screened by staff before being allowed to enter the main building.
  2. Security Teams are in place to provide direct school support. They also provide security during athletic events, extracurricular activities, nighttime and weekend patrol for all Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS) sites. The district contracts with AJF Enterprises for the security officer program.
  3. A system of cameras, radios, alarms and other devices maintain the integrity of the campus.

Crossing Guard Program

Crossing GuardThe District’s School Crossing Guards Program provides an important safety link for students walking to school. Morning and afternoon traffic are serious obstacles for pedestrians. Without guards, parents may be reluctant to allow their children to participate in this healthy and traditional childhood ritual. SFPS currently contracts with All City Management Services, a company specializing in training and providing crossing guards.

District Safety Committee

Santa Fe Public Schools brings together students, staff, families, community members and local law enforcement, and fire and emergency services to develop strategies to improve safety at our public schools. We invite members of the public with an interest in serving on the SFPS District Safety Committee to contact Emergency Management Specialist Maria-Lisa Dilda ().

Click here for additional information on the the goals of the committee and its scheduled meetings.


Sign up for text & email alerts from local police and other public emergency agencies to stay informed about emergencies in your area.

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Director of School Security

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