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Children's Rights & Benefits
Your children can receive:
  • School uniform clothing, including shoes, socks, underwear, jackets, winter hat, gloves or mittens, scarf
  • Backpack for school supplies
  • School supplies, such as markers, notebooks, pencils, scissors, and anything else required by the teacher
  • Tutoring to help your child improve their schoolwork and complete their homework
  • If you have infants at home or other children not of school age, we can also help you find clothing for them
  • Referrals for health, mental health, dental and other services

Children have rights to:
  • Enroll in your home district school, and to continue attending the same school all year, even if your family moves outside of that school’s neighborhood.
  • Receive free transportation to your home district school, even if you have moved to another school’s neighborhood.
  • Attend a new school if you move to a new school district and choose to change schools (although it is often best for your child to continue attending the school from the “old neighborhood,” so that they will not fall behind in school and can keep the same teachers, friends and activities).
  • Be informed of services and educational opportunities for your children, regardless of your ability to pay, including referrals to counseling and medical services.
  • Participate in programs offered to all students at your school, including before and after school programs, regardless of your ability to pay.
  • Free breakfast (if served at school) and lunch, as soon as you register at school.
  • Enroll in school and attend all programs immediately, even if you do not have immunizations or medical records, previous school records, proof of residency, birth certificates, social security numbers, uniforms or any required documents.
  • Attend Head Start and other preschool programs.
  • Receive special education testing based on your request.
  • Not be asked if you are U.S. citizens, or what your immigration status is. Schools cannot make you show immigration documents or give a social security number, whether or not you are homeless.
  • Assistance from SFPS Homeless Liaison in obtaining your child’s medical and immunization records, and help in obtaining the immunizations.
  • Appeal decisions regarding where your children attend school (contact the Homeless Liaison), and the right to attend the school you choose while disagreements are settled.
  • Receive a written explanation from the school-- in a timely manner -- about the disagreement.
  • Unaccompanied youth have the right to choose a school and enroll in it, even without their parents and/or proper papers.