Bridge Academy

Santa Fe Public Schools and the City of Santa Fe Children and Youth Commission have partnered with local leaders to develop a program to reduce the drop-out rate in Santa Fe Public Schools. Bridge Academy will provide continuing educational services for students currently serving long-term suspensions resulting from serious disciplinary offenses.

Originally named the Transition Education Program (TEP), Bridge Academy opened in January of 2014. As a community effort, the vision of this collaborative is to use a multifaceted approach of aligning the educational program with wrap-around support services and transition planning in order to re-engage students who are in danger of dropping out. Bridge Academy creates a supportive and caring environment that improves the overall well being for the student and family, supports a successful transition back into the student's home school, and maintains progress toward a high school diploma.

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Bridge Academy is located at 2516 Cerrillos Road, directly behind the Tony Anaya building.  The main entrance is located on the west end of the building.

(505) 467-2620

Program Design

Signature Elements

  • Low adult-student ratios in the classroom to promote positive, trusting, and caring relationships between students and staff.
  • Specialized training for teachers (e.g., behavior and classroom management, alternative learning styles, communication with families) to support their effectiveness in working with students who do not succeed in traditional educational settings.
  • Innovative wrap-around services targeted to meet the essential needs of the individual student and family (read more...)


Teaching staff will provide blended instruction using Edgenuity (E2020) for high school and Compass Learning for middle school.


Student Profile

  • Middle and high school students
  • Have been long term suspended from their home school 
  • Have not been adjudicated 
  • Recommended by the Superintendent

  Bridge Academy Staff

Administrator - William Wade, Principal, Assistant Superintendent/Principal
  • Oversees the program
  • Provides supervision and evaluation of teachers and other SFPS employees
  • Conducts student discipline
Coordinator - Crystal Ybarra
  • Supports transition to and from program
  • Collaborates directly with Principal
  • Supervises daily activities of staff and students
  • Coordinates wrap-around support services
  • Provides behavior support to students
  • Coordinates student staffing meetings

Teacher - Peggy Chee-Romero and Michael Costello (SPED, Interim)
  • Cooperates in the development and implementation of the district program of instruction. 
  • Plans and implements lesson plans that meet the individual needs and abilities of students and complies with State Department of Education Standards and the SFPS Board of Education goals and objectives.  
  • Institutes clear objectives for all lessons, assignments, units and projects in accordance with curriculum goals and communicates objectives to students.  
  • Establishes and maintains a classroom environment conducive to learning by managing appropriate student behavior.  
  • Prescribes effective learning programs and initiates referrals to appropriate personnel when concerns arise.  
  • Assesses the accomplishments of students on a regular basis and provides progress reports as required.        
  • Administers group standardized tests in accordance with the district testing program.  
  • Institutes open lines of communication with students and parents concerning students' academic, social and behavioral progress.  
  • Provides directions and materials for substitute teachers.
  • Plans for and supervises classroom aides, guests and volunteers. 
  • Cooperates with staff and support personnel in assessing and helping students with health, attitude, learning and behavioral problems.
  • Utilizes technology in the classroom
  • Other duties as assigned

Instructional Implementation Support Associate (IISA) - Christy Martinez

  • Provides support to teachers and students for plans and lessons in the classroom.
  • Supports teaching staff and providers by maintaining a classroom environment conducive to learning by managing appropriate student behavior.  
  • Notifies teacher or coordinator of student concerns so that appropriate referrals can be made.
  • Assists with utilizing technology in the classroom.
  • Other duties as assigned

Service Plans

Each student will receive an intake assessment at the beginning of the program. The assessment includes: educational, mental health, medical, dental, family/social and academic review. 

Service plans will be developed with the student, parent(s) and coordinator and focus on areas strengths and weaknesses. Referrals are made to necessary community agencies in order to support the student. In addition, use of the Cenpatico Behavior Support Program is utilized to monitor student behavior and improvements therein. The coordinator, student, teacher and parent(s) continuously evaluate the individualized plans.

Once the team has reached a satisfactory range of consistent improvement and sustained levels of productivity, the coordinator, student, teacher, parent(s) and student’s home school develop a transition plan. The transition plan is vital for successful reintegration in to the home school. Once completed and reviewed by Superintendent, the student will be transitioned in to his or her home school. The coordinator continues to conduct periodic meetings with student and parent(s) to assess the student progress. Additionally, the coordinator works to ensure that the student continues to receive necessary programs and services within the community.

Support Providers

There has been great interest in the community from nonprofits to provide the wrap-around services for Bridge Academy.  Below are the organizations that currently work with our students in order to assist with needs in school, at home or in the community.