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Weather Delay/Closure FAQ for Parents/Guardians
Who makes the call regarding a 2-hour delay or school closure?
The Superintendent or his designee makes the call as to whether schools and administrative offices will have a 2-hour delay or closure.

When is the delay/closure usually called?
Many buses leave the bus yard as early as 5:30 am, so the district generally tries to make a delay/closure call before the bus drivers leave their own home.  When possible, the district will call a delay/closure the evening prior.

What is the best way to find out if a delay/closure has been called?
Once the Superintendent or his designee makes a delay/closure decision, information is immediately sent out to the news media, robo-calls are made to families and staff, notices are posted on the homepage of the District's website (, and messages are recorded on the District's main phone lines (467-2000).

What does the Superintendent or his designee take into account when determining a 2-hour delay/closure?
When the Superintendent or designee makes the call, the primary concern is for safety of our students.  In poor driving conditions, a student could get hit at a bus stop or a school bus could be struck by another vehicle on the road.  Furthermore, our young student drivers may not be well equipped for driving in slippery conditions.

Also, state law requires a certain amount of time for instruction counted by the hour, not by the day, so delaying the start of school would only subtract two hours from the annual total hours.

Why is the entire district delayed/closed when the streets in my neighborhood are fine?
Our district includes student and staff homes at altitudes from around 6,000 ft to 9,000 ft.  Even though one particular place may not have dangerous conditions another part of the district can.