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The Chief Academic Officer (CAO) coordinates resources to support learning by ensuring that students receive rigorous and engaging instruction. The CAO office provides leadership to all academic departments in Santa Fe Public Schools and provides high quality professional development for teachers and school leaders.
Accountabilty and Strategy
The department of Accountability and Strategy provides school staff with accountability of assessment information and assists in applying this information in an array of strategic manners.
Adelante Program
The SFPS Adelante Program provides services for children, teens and their families experiencing homelessness in Santa Fe.
Art Education
Art Education is directly responsible for the elementary art program, and for providing instructional and logistical support and technical assistance for visual arts programs.
The Athletics Department provides administrative support to Santa Fe Public Schools high school and middle school athletic programs.
Board of Education
The SFPS Board of Education consists of five members who serve four-year terms. They are elected in odd-numbered years by voters in five election districts.
Budget, audit and bond information for Santa Fe Public Schools.
Business Services
The Business Services Department is charged with the fiscal integrity of district resources to support the Educational Plan for Student Success for all schools and provide support to all district departments to meet their goals.
Bus Routes
Bus routes for Santa Fe Public Schools
Common Core Standards
The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.
Construction Management
Construction Management is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all District schools and facilities.
District and individual school demographics including grade levels, ethnicity, English language learners, students with disabilities and economic status.

Digital Learning Plan

The Santa Fe Public Schools’ Digital Learning Plan sets the vision for technology use in the District over the next five years.

ESL/Bilingual - English as a Second Language
The ESL/Bilingual Programs result in high achieving, competent, culturally enriched bilingual students who will be productive in a multicultural, multilingual global society.
Facilities and Maintenance
The Facilities and Maintenance Department supervises, manages and directs the daily operations for the Santa Fe Public Schools.
Facility Use
Use guidelines, rate schedules and request forms for the use of SFPS facilities. SFPS facilities available for rental include athletic fields, classrooms, conference rooms, gymnasiums and computer labs.
Human Resources
Human Resources (HR) is responsible for the recruitment, hiring, assignment, and record keeping of all SFPS employees.
Find and apply for jobs with Santa Fe Public Schools.
The Bilingual/Multicultural Department provides quality services that will aid school sites in meeting the needs of the multicultural students.
Music Education
The SFPS Music Education program promotes and provides comprehensive, quality-driven music education that contributes to students’ literacy and preparation for their futures.
Native American Student Services
The Native American Student Services provides educational support for all eligible American Indian/Alaskan Native students (K-12).
Nursing / Health Services
Your registered school nurse is a leader in the school community to oversee school health policies and programs.
Parent Academy
The Parent Academy will develop a strong professional learning community among parents to increase student achievement. The academy strives to equip families with additional skills, knowledge and resources to help our students along the path to college and career success.

Pre Kindergarten (Pre-K)

The Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) classroom is a great way to prepare your child for elementary school.


Registration information for all grade levels.

Safety and Security

Santa Fe Public Schools is dedicated to providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment that facilitates and enhances student achievement and success.
Secondary School Reform
The Secondary School Reform Task Force has collected and analyzed feedback from the community, and has researched possible options to conceptualize a structure to create rigor, relevance, and relationships in our secondary schools.
SFPS Green
Santa Fe Public Schools is committed to energy efficiency and water conservation, as well as working towards a more sustainable future for our students and community.
Special Education
Special Education is an integral part of the public education system. It is specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of a child with an exceptionality. Website includes menus, online meal applications, MyLunchMoney, health and nutritional information.
Student Nutrition
Student Nutrition is responsible for serving school meals that meet federal nutrition standards and ensuring that meals are healthy, well-balanced and provide students all the nutrition they need to succeed at school.
Student Wellness
Through the Office of Student Wellness, the District provides resources that promote behavioral, emotional and mental health, substance abuse prevention, violence prevention and positive parenting to contribute to student success.
Substitute Teaching
Substitute teachers are a valuable service to our students and District, and we appreciate your efforts in providing a quality instructional program in the absence of the classroom teacher.
As the Chief Executive of one of the state’s most diverse school systems, Dr. Garcia oversees the education of 13,600 students, manages an annual operating budget of approximately 90 million dollars and leads a team of 1,800 employees.
Teaching and Learning
The Department of Teaching and Learning formerly known as Curriculum and Instruction oversees Pre-K through grade 12 core program deliveries, including English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.
The Technology department provides support for the SFPS community including: computers, software, servers, printers, and scanners. The Technology Help Desk is the central point of contact where all IT problems can be reported.
The SFPS Transportation Department consist of over 80 bus routes which include regular pick up and drop off of K-12 students, special education and transportation for three and four year olds to Early Childhood Center.
Volunteers are key to the success of Santa Fe Public Schools. Volunteers routinely provide services, without compensation, for or on behalf of the District, at school sponsored or school-related activities, on or off school property.
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