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Wood Gormley
Elementary School

141 E. Booth Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505


Dr. Linda Besett

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Wood Gormley Elementary School
Wood Gormley Elementary
Rags to Riches Raffle is in full swing. Please buy and sell raffle tickets to support our school. Our Holiday Drive has begun. Please pick up a snowflake and help a family have a Happy Holiday. The Holiday Concert is December 16th at 6:00 PM. Come celebrate the season with the Wood Gormley Peace Choir and the Wood Gormley Band.

Dr. Linda Besett
Wood Gormley is named for two dedicated Santa Fe educators. The Gormley building was founded in 1926, and was named after Frank. F. Gormley who was a school board member from 1914-1932. The addition of the Wood building came about ten years later in 1936. The Wood building was named after Professor James A. Wood who was Superintendent of the Public Schools from 1899-1912.