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Bobbie J. Gutierrez  
Executive Team
Title: Superintendent
Phone: (505) 467-2003
Bobbie J. Gutierrez

Bobbie J. Gutierrez is the Superintendent for the Santa Fe Public Schools, one of the largest and most diverse school districts in the state of New Mexico. Santa Fe Public Schools has approximately 12,500 K-12 students, 28 facilities and an operational budget of approximately 91 million dollars per year.

Bobbie was named Superintendent in February 2008 and began her duties on July 1. Bobbie had been the Deputy Superintendent since 2005. As Deputy Superintendent, Bobbie was responsible for district operations and supervised Human Resources, General Services, Transportation, Student Nutrition, Property Management, and Construction. She also was also the district representative for any matters involving litigation and served as the district's lead negotiator for collective bargaining. She was Associate Superintendent for Instructional Support from 2002-2005, and prior to that served as an elementary school principal at E.J. Martinez Elementary Schools and Sweeney Elementary School. She was also the director of Curriculum and Instruction and served for many years as a middle school teacher teaching language arts, publications, and photo-journalism.

Bobbie is a passionate advocate for children and the vital importance of the teaching and learning process. She is dedicated to modeling visible leadership with Santa Fe Public Schools and its total learning community. Bobbie regularly spends two mornings each week in schools, interacting with students, meeting teachers, administrators, educational assistants, secretarial staff, custodial staff, and parents. The Educational Plan for Student Success is the focus of every visit as well as reviewing the overall facility and its care and maintenance. The conversations always center on the instructional strategies being implemented by staff to ensure that each and every student, every day learns, grows, and feels valued.

Bobbie has served in many capacities throughout the Santa Fe Public Schools and has led the district in its strategic planning process, development of the facilities master plan and marketing plan for GO Bond elections, school-to-career initiatives, and legislative action. It is not uncommon to find Bobbie at the Legislature, engaged in meetings with City and County officials, wearing a hard hat at construction sites or reviewing architectural plans and drawings for upcoming projects.

As Superintendent, Bobbie directly oversees Human Resources and the Community Services office as well as her Executive Team which is composed of the Deputy Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operations Officer. Known as a highly visible and approachable leader, Bobbie has made a career-commitment to the Santa Fe Public Schools where she has spent the past 24 years of her career advocating for equity, literacy, school readiness, school improvement, and overall improvement of teaching and learning in Santa Fe.

Bobbie is a native of Lubbock, Texas and attended Texas Tech University, studying early childhood education. She earned her Bachelor of Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with certifications in reading and language arts from Corpus Christi State University. She earned her Master's Degree from the University of New Mexico and is a certified trainer in numerous areas including A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Fred Jones Teaching Tools, 24/7 Walk-Through, New Mexico Three-Tiered Licensure and Incident Command, just to name a few.

On a personal note, Bobbie's husband, Eddie, is a retired teacher and guidance counselor, she has two sons serving in the United States Air Force that are proud graduates of the Santa Fe Public Schools, and four grandchildren that inspire her daily to strive for excellence in public education. She enjoys golf, reading, and a great debate on almost any topic related to education.  

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