SFPS Complaint Form

Per SFPS BOE Policy #625, "...The Board encourages informal resolution of all complaints, where possible. Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the lowest possible administrative level. However, where the informal process has not resulted in satisfactory resolution of a complaint or concern, this policy permits individuals to formally address their grievances, without fear of retaliation..."

Per SFPS BOE Policy #246, "...To properly investigate a complaint it is often necessary to obtain additional or clarifying information from the complainant. It is also vital to close the circle and inform the complainant when there is not violation, or that an investigation has resolved the issue, so they both understand the issue and the District’s response. This follow up is not possible if the complainant wishes to remain anonymous. In investigations, the District limits information shared with others only on a need to know basis. In all cases, retaliation, against the complainant, for raising a complaint or concern is prohibited. Thus employees should not make their concerns or complaints on an anonymous basis..."

Click here to download the Student/Parent Complaint form.