Free Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K)

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Executive Director for Curriculum & PD

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PreK Curriculum

The PreK programs allow children to explore new and exciting information, experiences and ideas. The curriculum has six domains or areas of focus. These are:

  • Physical Development, Health and Well-Being;

  • Literacy;

  • Numeracy;

  • Aesthetic Creativity;

  • Scientific Conceptual Understanding;

  • Self, Family and Community, and;

  • Approaches to Learning.

A typical PreK day has time for self-selection and exploration in a variety of learning centers, oral language development during meals and snacks and continuously throughout the day, outdoor play, quiet time, read alouds, art, music and science. Full day programs provide breakfast and lunch and nap or quiet time. Half day programs provide one meal, either breakfast or lunch. All programs are in session from Monday to Thursday. Teachers make one home visit with families some time throughout the school year. SFPS takes attendance in PreK as seriously as we do all grades. Parents are asked to ensure their child has as consistent attendance as possible. This gives each student a solid beginning for the rest of their education Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Application for PreK

SFPS offers both full day and half day PreK programs.

Families may apply for three different programs:

  1. One full day program at any schools providing full day PreK;

  2. One morning half day program, and;

  3. One afternoon half day program.

The 2016-17 full day programs are located at Cesar Chavez, Atalaya, Nina Otero (there are two full day classes here), El Camino Real Academy, Ramirez-Thomas, and Tesuque.

Parents may apply for one full day program at a school of your choice. Attendance is determined by lottery. Information on the application window and lottery selection will be posted on the SFPS website.

Parents may also apply for one half-day morning and one half-day afternoon program. Preference is given to students who live in the school’s attendance zone. Once children are placed in the half day program who live in that school’s attendance zone,  if space is available families who have applied to a half day program that live outside the attendance zone will be given a seat on a first come first serve basis.

The 2016-17 half day programs are located at Piñon, Sweeney, Kearny, Nava, Nye Early Learning Center, Nina Otero, El Camino Real Academy (there is a morning class only), and EJ Martinez.

Santa Fe Public Schools offers provisional acceptance to the PreK programs pending legislative funding.  Those families admitted to the PreK programs on a provisional basis will receive official notice of their enrollment prior to the close of school in the spring.

Additional PreK classes may be added to current schools or new school sites in 2017-18. Please check the SFPS website for up to date information on PreK classrooms and school locations, as well as access to the online application.

For more information on PreK classes in SFPS please visit Select PreK Providers to search for any of the schools listed above for start and dismissal times and descriptions of the programs.