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Standardized Testing
The Santa Fe Public Schools testing program is a combination of National, State and District Level assessments. The measured outcomes of each assessment and the curriculum assessed vary. The assessments are utilized to determine the strengths and weaknesses of students as well as the instructional program.

The SFPS is required by statute to measure student achievement through standardized tests administered in public schools. When administered properly, standardized assessments will allow students to demonstrate their abilities, knowledge, aptitude or skills. Valid and reliable results from standardized assessments provide information which is used by Students, to determine how well they have learned the skills and curriculum they are expected to know; by Parents, to know whether their student is gaining the skills and competencies needed to be competitive and successful; by Teachers, to gauge students’ understanding and identify potential areas of improvement and teaching; by the District Office, to evaluate programs and provide additional support; and The Public, to evaluate schools and districts.

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Students in high school must attempt to pass the PARCC test 3 times in both subjects during their high school careers to meet graduation assessment requirements.