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Your School Nurse in Action
Your registered school nurse is a leader in the school community to oversee school health policies and programs. In addition to daily health assessments, supportive care and provider referrals; your school nurse and/or supporting nursing staff provide the following:
  • Hearing and Vision Screens
  • Immunization clinics
  • Classes on hand hygiene, dental health, and reproductive health (grade and school dependent)
  • Coordination of 504 Accommodation Plans as needed
  • Development of Individual Healthcare Plans as needed
  • Guidance on school safety policies

Parent Information:
It is the parent or guardian's responsibility to notify your school nurse directly about any medical conditions or changes in medical status. For school wellness policies and to download school health forms, please open the links below:

  • Because We Care
  • Porque Nos Importa
    We want your students to be in school and to be healthy too! Open the "Because We Care" link for tips on keeping your kids healthy, and to help you decide if your child is too sick to attend school.
  • Immunizations/Vaccines
  • State of NM Department of Health Immunization Requirements
    By state law, all students must be up-to-date on immunizations to attend public school.  A current immunization record or religious/medical exemption form (updated yearly) must be on file for each student. Open the "Immunizations/Vaccines" link for more information.

  • Medications at School
    If possible, medications should be given at home.  If it is essential that a student receive medication during the school day, please open the "Medications at School" link for more information.

  • Asthma
    Students with asthma should have a yearly check up with their health care providers.  If a student has had symptoms or required asthma treatment within the past year, an Asthma Action Plan (below) should be filled out and signed by their provider every year.  Please see your school nurse if your student needs to keep an inhaler at school. 
  • Food Allergies
    Your school nurse should be notified of all food allergies and intolerances.  Severe food allergies, with the potential for a life-threatening, anaphylactic reaction, require an emergency action plan and emergency medications such as an Epi-pen at school.  Your health care provider should fill out and sign a Food Allergy Action Plan (below) to be given to your school nurse every year.  Please see your school nurse for more information.
  • Lice
    Head lice are not a crisis! It is considered a nuisance disease. Keep calm, and open the "Lice" link for more information on the SFPS protocol for treatment of lice.

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